Social Responsibility

Phoria is more than a business; it is an organization with the mission of creating a more sustainable and environmentally responsible global community.


Buildings have energy efficiency problems, Phoria has your solution. It doesn't matter what type of facility you own or operate, we've got you covered.

Energy Savings

Phoria's technology portfolio targets the most energy intensive processes within a building or facility. Begin saving today with returns between 10-30% per technology.

Guaranteed Savings

Phoria can test your facility's energy use and keep you informed throughout the process. Our energy testing equipment will provide for you specific energy savings data you can see.

Phoria's Ecosystem

Everyday Phoria is building relationships with businesses and technology owners to improve the global energy environment. Do you want to contribute to sustainability and green progress?

Phoria Energy Solutions is an environmental services and technology company that identifies, capitalizes, and commercializes cutting edge energy efficient and renewable energy technologies. We are currently building an integrated technology portfolio that includes innovative solutions in HVAC, industrial air conditioning, lighting, voltage optimization, building energy management software and real-time energy automation software.

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